• Lost shipments: Complaints regarding undelivered packages, where the carrier's status does not indicate "delivered," must be reported no earlier than 45 days following the most recent tracking update.

Invalid address or delivery barriers

  • Sometimes carriers cannot deliver the customer’s package due to an invalid address or other unexpected delivery barriers. At this point, the carrier might return the package to the sender/retailer. The customer’s package is not actually lost, thus we does not cover this. In instances where an invalid address is provided us to and item has been sent back, we will not be covering it under Shipping Protection as it's an user error.

Partial Delivery:

  • Should a customer receive only part of their order without signs of tampering, we advise contacting us for verification, as the remaining items may be dispatched separately.

Premature Order Claims:

If a customer submits an order issue on the same day as the package is marked as delivered, we reserve the right to request a waiting period of 5 business days. This is due to instances where carriers may prematurely mark packages as delivered while still in transit.



Delivered but Missing Package:

In cases where packages are marked "delivered" but not received, and are presumed stolen, customers must file complaints within 5 days after the "delivery date," but no later than 15 days, to ensure the package was not misdelivered or easily found on the premises.

Filing a Police Report:

At our discretion, we may request a police report when a customer's package is marked as delivered. The customer is responsible for filing the police report, stating that HESNTLS requires such a report to cover stolen parcels under our Shipping Policy. Please send us the police report in PDF format along with the report number when filing an order issue. Additionally, upon request, we may require further documentation such as proof of identity, a notarized statement, address verification, etc. Please note that filing a false police report may result in legal consequences depending on the jurisdiction.

Delivered to Wrong Address:

If the customer provided the correct address at checkout and the package was delivered to the wrong address, we consider this as theft, and we will replace the order on behalf of the customer. 

Damaged Parcel

Damaged Item Arrived

  • Order Issues for damaged orders must be filed within 15 days of the delivery date. 

Damaged items

  • A damaged item is considered to be a broken product that is unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), crushed, etc.

  • We doe not cover cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, etc.), manufacturing damages, packaging errors, or unsealed items. 

  • We requires further evidence of the customer’s damaged item (i.e. more photos, videos, etc.).

  • For distressed denim on our website, loose threads are not considered damaged and it's normal.